Nature for Nurture

The importance of having a relationship with nature has slipped from the minds of my generation. Sure I will hear people say that we should all go camping and look a the stars, but the invite is simply a gateway to hanging out with your friends like you are at home or at a bar.

Electronics are out in force, and people sit seeming to enjoy nature until you look 5 feet to the left and see their friend clicking away snapping shots of a seemingly spiritual moment that is actually simply staged. These kinds of trips can be super fun, but they are not based in truly getting in touch with nature. To do that you have to go alone or with a few people you trust to the ends of the earth.

Sit in the quite and listen to the earth speak. Let your fingers feel the different textures of the world and breath in the smell of dirt, grass, or salt, depending on your location. Whisper words to yourself that you always feared to say and sway in the breeze letting your eyes close and your heart beat freely. Let your mind rest and just be at peace with yourself and where you are in the moment.

If you do this you will find that on the drive home you feel recharged and ready for all the world throws your way. Keep nature a priority so that it can nurture your heart, mind, and soul. Take care of the earth and it will take care of you in ways you never knew were possible.

Photographer: Allen Carbon @CarbonJournal

Model: Mackenzie @mackenzie_aaa - from @uniquemodelmanagement