My Photo Shoot for Brandy Melville

Unless you’re living under a rock you probably wear or have at least heard of Brandy Melville. Originally located only in Italy, BM has moved to America and is worn by pretty much everyone. The clothes are practical, cute, and affordable. If you scroll through Tumblr and see a cute top it’s most likely from Brandy.

When shopping in their stores - maybe in NYC or Boston -, dress really well. The numerous workers are on the hunt for new models. Brandy’s Instagram is made up of shoots around USA. Most of the girls aren’t even models. They’re just cool girls in front of a camera. A lot of times these girls get discovered by the workers at Brandy.

What I like about the brand is that it’s fun. You don’t need modeling experience to be a model for them. My shoot was actually with one of the workers there. Originally my shoot was just going to be me outside in a skirt. But because it was so cold out, we decided to wear sweatpants on a couch. I don’t know about you, but that’s kind of the dream for me.

I was all alone in the store, after my dad dropped me off. SUNIZ TALK sent me to the store. But after just a minute I was talking to all of the girls behind the counter. It took a bit but finally one of the girls, Cam, told me she was the manager. Here I was thinking she was just another high schooler working, but Cam was fresh out of school and modeling with a respectable job.

We spent about half an hour just making outfits with all of the clothes in the store. I got a lot of odd looks when I was walking around the store with my hair up in clips and a pair of the silk shorts on. Cam and I just tried about every single flannel there was on.

The shoot didn’t even feel like a shoot. Which is the point. Brandy’s whole goal is to not be too staged or fake. There was no Photoshop, no makeup. We really did play with Cam’s cat and feed him treats.