My Love Is Rare


Your eyes showed me the depth of the open ocean. Your warm arms wrapped around me made me feel serenity. Then you gave me your beautiful heart, but all I could offer in return was my cold-blooded honesty. I fought so many battles against cupid and his armor. True love had never lasted before. And one day it broke my heart.

Now there is nothing to break anymore. All that’s left were things to learn and to let go of. And the lesson that stuck with me was that love can be blind, but that my vision is perfect. From being the little girl searching for her prince, I am now standing here as a warrior with deep scars holding on to a titanium shield that is supposed to keep me safe from the unconditional love that you’re so desperatly trying to get through to me.

Photographer: Roch Armando @rocharmando

Model: Human Chuo @humanchuo

Lingerie: A love story @alovestorybyjuliet