My Head Is A Fun Fair


In my head

Is where everything is possible,

Where my dreams are being realized,

And where darkness can destroy my hopes.

In my head

I wander all alone,

To places that feel empty,

And others that feel like rollercoasters.

In my head

I sometimes see memories,

Sweet like Cotton Candy,

And at other times,

I watch old movies from the past,

That feel cold like Ice.

In my head

Everything is possible.

Sometimes it’s all spinning around very fast.

At other times,

it’s all blurry and still.

In my head

Is where I make decisions,

It’s where my ideas are born,

It’s where my strength and my demons,

Come together and fight.

In my head

Is where I create my life story.

It’s where my soul lives and thrives.

PHOTOGRAPHER David Wachmann @davidwachmann

MODEL Lara @lariiiilu

ASSISTANT Marvin @marvlee