My Beach

I think I just found heaven. A heaven made of white sand, warm sunlight and the deep blue. A place where lover’s dreams come true…

A year ago, this place was where I met you. Ever since, it reminded me of you and the sweet lullabies that you used to whisper in my ear at night while looking up into a sky filled with millions of stars.

Soon though, I realized that everything you said was just built on lies. Love made me blind and I couldn’t see. But it was too late. My heart broke when you kissed someone that wasn’t me.

Now, this beach is mine. I deleted every thought of you. I killed all the memories, and buried them deep under the sand. What once reminded me of you, is now the place where only my dreams come true.

Photographer: Marc Aurelius @marcaureliusphotography
Model: Christina
Location: Portugal