What It Means to Be a Giver

What does it mean to be a giver? It means thinking about others, not putting them first but just always having them in mind. It means holding hands even when theirs are sweaty, and catching tears fall off of cheekbones when you would rather be out or watching TV.

Being a giver is about having empathy, sympathy, and understanding. It's about listening to the people you care about fully, and not just brushing off their words or emotions. Being a giver can be as simple as picking up an extra donut on your way to someone's house because you know it will make them smile. It can be sending a random text, just reminding them how proud you are of their accomplishments this year no matter how small these are.

Sometimes it takes more and you end up awake at 5:00 am because of a broken heart or even just a ride to the airport. Being a giver means knowing when to be there for someone and when to let them find their own way. Just make sure that when you are being a giver, you don't end up taking on the emotions or problems you help with. Be strong and never let anyone take more then you can give while still taking care of yourself. You come first, but there is always extra love and compassion to give because those are infinite.

Photographer: @hailey_asquin

Model: @myasheffield