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"I would always choose comfort over style." - Devon Nuszer


Because it’s finally 2018 - the year that's gotta be absolutely ridiculous & one of our faves so far (because we all still remember the never-ending craziness that happened in 2017, right?) - we were thinking you might have started feeling kinda lost at some point while wandering across the ever-growing bullsh*t on the WWW, hoping to discover at least a few of those new, highly inspiring female creatives. So, the good news is: LA-based wardrobe stylist Devon Nuszer is the girl we want to introduce to you below, and she might totally be one of them! During our little coffee+photosession, the full-time stylist shared the inspiring mindset she holds on topics such as self-expression, communicated by us when we just naturally be and dress like ourselves, the two typical 80s items we'll keep loving for all times, our eternal vintage nostalgia, as well as on what she, herself actually sees as her main sources of inspiration. The bad news? Just kidding. There's no "bad" in 2018.


Please describe us your personal style!

I feel like my style is somewhere in the middle of an 80’s musician and rocker chic. My “go to” pieces are definitely the classic leather jacket and some boots. I would always choose comfort over style. With my boots I enjoy making my statement, although I do tend to navigate away from color.

So how does it work being a stylist?

One of the things I love about being a stylist is that it’s not a 9 to 5 job. Consistency is rare, so I may work more, but I have much more flexibility. If I don’t have an early call time you can find me starting my day with coffee and diving into e-mails, but typically when I’m not on set, I am driving around taking meetings and pulling from showrooms.
What’s your favorite clothing piece and does it have any story behind it?

I have a large wardrobe collection, so there is definitely more than one favorite. But I’d say one of the first pieces that comes to my mind and that I have a strong nostalgic kinda love for, is my great grandmother’s flapper dress. It’s beautifully hand beaded on cream silk. I cannot believe my mother allowed me to play in it as a child! Nonetheless, growing up with access to all these vintage pieces, was where my passion for costumes and wardrobe began, making this particular dress have a special sentimental meaning for me.
What is an exciting project or client you’ve worked for?

One of my favorite projects where I got the pleasure to do the entire styling, was a dance video which Natalie Portman wanted to surprise her husband, Benjamin Millepied, with at their wedding. I collaborated with Rodarte for the costumes, which were modern takes on the dance sequence “Dream of You” in the film Singing in the Rain. This was such a dream job for me to get early in my career!
Any insight into your creative process and vision?

Traveling, art and reading are huge inspirations to my creativity. If I feel a creative block coming, I tend to get out of my cultural norm. It’s so easy to be consumed with what’s happening in our social bubble. If I remove myself from that environment and experience a new culture or world, I do not only find clarity but also I get my best inspirations so I can dive back in with a new understanding and vision.
Tips on how to find and express your personal style?

Today it’s so easy to find inspiration and share your style. Fashion, for me, is more an expression of how you feel, so it should come naturally. Don’t overthink it. See what you navigate towards and if you feel amazing, go with it. If not, then try something new. I am constantly experimenting and trying new styles until I finally find something that I just feel great in. Our personal style is a constant evolution, complementing our journey through life. I’ve gone through it all, dyed my hair black during my punk rock stage, all the way to being the ultra-feminine girl. The fashion industry has really grown to be more versatile for all the unique trends and styles you see today. Ten years ago, I would have had a difficult time, tracking down designers who would only use vegan leather, but today we have so many more options and resources to find the style trends we want, including ethically sourced brands and more awareness of where our clothing comes from.

Model: Devon Nuszer @devonnuszer
Photographer: Ashley Seryn @ashleyseryn
Hair & Makeup Artist: Aaron Barry @abhairmakeup

Outfit Details by Image

1 Dress Daya Necklace Missoma London

2 Jacket Chanel Shoes Valentino Hats Fluevog & Stetson

3 Jacket The Kooples Bag YSL Jewelry Vintage

4-7 Shirt The Kooples Pants Current Air Boots Oscar de la Renta Necklace Missoma London

8 Jacket Daya Shirt James Perse Jeans Levis