Marta the Martian 👽 by Leslie Cortés

From vintage inspired shoots to swim shoots, LA based model and artist Marta’s Instagram is always poppin’ with new rad photography! She is always changing it up, while making sure she stays authentic and true to herself.

Marta uses to work a lot with our favorite Instagram photographers, such as Leslie Cortés a.k.a. @hippi.e, @frorojas, @mikelrob or @maddywelk, as well as with a bunch of other up and coming photographers. Although she does plan on going to college to continue her education, as she feels that there are more important life choices to make other than just modeling when it comes to her career.

Besides modeling, Marta is just a normal everyday girl like you and me. She shows that on her recently started Youtube channel with casual dance sessions and a journey through her life as Marta the Martian. Her favorite food is pancakes and her two favorite super heroes are (who else could it possibly be?) Thor and Spiderman. She wants to visit the Dominican Republic and Australia soon. Marta’s favorite movies consist of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘We Are the Millers’, and ‘Interstellar’.

We can’t wait to see what is in store next for Marta!

Photographer: @hippi.e

Model: Marta @martathemartian