Love Yourself

Sometimes we experience these moments of pure boredom, indifference or not discontent. There are these things we don’t like to do but that we have to deal with because of social responsibility and codes of conduct.

And then there are other situations in which we are free, happy and entirely satisfied. These feelings and minutes or hours of joy are staying in our head forever. It’s the things that keep us going, moving forward and conquering difficult stages in our lives. It is always like an escape from the truth - a breakout from reality where we desire nothing more than keeping the moment.

And then suddenly some crazy thoughts come up about moving to another continent, quitting your job or ending your relationship that you’re not happy with. They arise in your mind because obviously something is missing.

This is the exact moment where you should become wild, reckless and live your dream. And as soon as this obstacle is removed, you can stay wild forever.


Photography: Errico Fabio Russo

Model: Noemi @Zoe Models

Make Up: Maria Manzillo

Styling: Fashion Model Post