Long Harvested Thoughts Too Late Spoken

I. He

Crazy are you to be
crazy for me —
and I, the same.

I. She

Crazy am I to be
crazy for you,
while you are sane.

II. He

You think I am sane
for you,
but it is not so.

II. She

Why can’t he be crazy
for me?
I wish it was so.


But I won’t say a word;
for love
makes me weak.

III. She

I’ve used all my words.
his silence
makes me meek.

IV. He

No, that’s all a lie —
rather, abandoned vulnerability
paints me weak.

IV. She

So, I’ll accept the truth,
deny my heart, which
makes me strong.

V. He

Letting down my walls –
“I’ve been crazy for you;
I thought you should know.”

V. She

Shedding a tear,
with hard worked detachment,
“I’ve already let go.”


Model: Remi Lane (Instagram: @_remlane)
Agency: Neon Model Management (Instagram: @neonmodelmanagement)
HMUA: Claire Randall (Instagram: @clairerandallcreative)
HMUA Agency: Handshake Creative (Instagram: @handshakecreative)
Photographer: Sean Pham (Instagram: @seanxpham)
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Clothing: Model’s own.