💋Lonely Hearts by Chloe Bixby💋


I’m hopelessly in love with places. The people who come and go, the memories they once created here. I'm a girl with so much love to give. I just want to run away and see the world. I sit here and wonder what my life will become one day when my heart is full. This is to the girls who dream of love stories in Paris. Come with me, so we can make art! Let’s get lost in Spain! I’ll go to every place that has been filled with memories of people who have loved so that I may be able to feel what they felt once. This is for my own, and all the other restless and lonely hearts.

With Love,

Chloe Bixby 💋💋💋

Model: Megan Vadnais @megan_vadnais
Photographer: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy
Sunglasses: “Lonely Hearts” by Chloe Bixby @chloebixby