Lily Collins #Unfiltered


Lily Collins new book #unfiltered is a must read collection of essays written by the actress. The subject matter covers everything from body image, dating, self-confidence, family, relationships and so much more. The book doesn’t hide the darker sides of life but instead shows how they balance with the light. Lily hopes that this new piece will inspire women to live life #unfiltered with no shame and no regrets.  

While this is Lily's first published book she has loved writing since her early teens. Lily has worked everywhere from Elle Girl UK, Seventeen magazine, CosmoGirl, and even  Los Angeles Times Magazine. She shows  if you want it then you have to go for it full steam ahead. A book was the best next step in her goals to empower young women and make an impact.  She is truly someone who just wants to make the world a more authentic beautiful place inside and out. 

Lily excitedly answered a few questions about the book, beauty, and feminism. 

Is there anything you want to say about the book? 

Yes! it's for anyone who has ever felt alone and it’s the idea that the second someone stands up and says something about an issue that so many more people than you would ever expect can relate to it. The book is to take the taboo out of subject matter that I think that a lot of young women around the world go through and it just takes the weight off when you are just honest and open about it. So it's main goal is to start conversations with young women around the world. 

What is beauty to you? 

Beauty to me is feeling internally happy at the end of the day and proud of yourself and what you have done. 

What is feminism to you? 

Feminism to me is just being a strong woman who believes that we should all connect as women. It doesn’t have to be a title it's just a way of being and it's just about empowering other women to use their voices. 

Get your copy of "Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me." in the link below: