Life is Tricky Baby, Stay in Your Magic!

Here’s the thing. Life is tricky. It is full of knock backs. The key is to believe in yourself, to have resilience and to be tenacious.

I know, just as well as the next person that there are going to be times when you question what the hell you're doing. It might be because you feel like you’re in an industry where people won’t accept you because your body isn't up to society’s standards. It might be a friendship gone bad that has caused you to feel awful about the situation and you wonder why that person didn't want to be your friend anymore. It might be a toxic relationship where your worth was put into question or it could be a job that you were let go from. Life is a journey. You need to have the ability to hang in there when letting go appears more attractive. There’s that saying: “Nothing worth having comes easily”.

Sometimes it might feel like everyone is waiting to see you break down from the fall. Let them.
If you fall, get back up and try again. You are your only limit, everyone else is just background noise. Essentially, it’s important to have a team that supports you in whatever decision you make and trusts those decisions. Have a family that is backing you, have friends who are cheering you up. Even if you do not have these things, BE these things, back yourself, believe in yourself because in the end, it’s you who you're doing all of this for. Chase your own happiness and don't let outside situations deter this.

Similarly, you may come across people who will single you out and try to make you feel vulnerable for whatever reason. Some may even have the ability to tear you down and when you try to get up, they drain you of your energy and pull you down even further. Distance yourself from these people, they are not for you. It is so important to surround yourself with good, supportive people in life who want the best for you, just as much as you want the best for them. Friends support and love each other and you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Know your worth, you are human and you are just as deserving of this life as the next person. So live your best life possible. If you are down, be down but don't stay there. Be resilient, get back up and don’t ever stop being you!

What’s for you won’t pass you by, that goes for gigs, career, people - you name it.
It can and will get tough at times but have patience, good company and be kind.

Love always,

Kails xx

Photographer: Alexander Tull @alexandertull

Model: Kaily Emma Smith @kailyemmasmith