Let's Get Lost

Have you ever been wondering: What if? What if you just decided to hop in the car and run away from all of your worries and problems of daily life. Just get out there and explore. Go to places you’ve never been before, and never would be, if you don’t take this opportunity. Get on the road, turn that music up and enjoy. Get yourself some companions, unless you are a solo wanderer.

I shared my experience with these two people I barely knew, and we had nothing in common, but the desire to experience something different and get inspired. After we saw the world’s biggest tree in Sequoia National Park, we spontaneously decided to drive to the Horseshoe Bend, in Utah.

Till these days, I am not sure how we made it through a 10-hour drive with no stop, but when we got there, the beautiful, warming sun was just waiting for us to arrive. I don’t think I have ever seen anything that outstanding. These tones reminded me of rose petals and gold flakes. There were succulents and orange rock formations; and as I was walking there, I came to realize that I haven’t seen any landscapes like this before, and it was incomparable to all the places where I grew up. It was different. I was just so different.

After Utah, we drove to Monument Valley in Arizona, followed by the Grand Canyon. It was extremely spontaneous but that's what made it so marvelous. This little two-day trip has changed me and my perspective. 48 hours total, 25 hours of driving, a maximum of 5 hours sleep and tons of coffee.

It was hard, but it helped me to get closer to people that I barely knew at that time and it helped me open up my mind and see what's out there. What I am trying to say here: Get lost, go back to nature. I promise, it will help to clear up your mind, you will be inspired and ready for a new start with an open heart - fearless and unstoppable.

Photographer: RyanResatka

Model: Alex Ride