Let's Chat with Lauren Engel

We had a chat with Hong Kong based photographer, model and c-heads editor Lauren Engel. Find out more about her life, work and dreams below and check out her Instagram.

When did you decide to become this multi-talent that you are today?

I like dipping my toes in everything. I started with photography, tried a bit of modeling and now I'm excited to get into fashion design. I will have my own chokers with Raven + Rose coming out soon.

What did you do first? Photography or modeling?

Actually probably modeling. I went with my mom to a few agencies when I was 15.  Most of the agencies asked me meet with them and a few were interested in signing. I was really shy back then and they wanted to sign for three years. I was also a few inches over their ideal measurements.  I decided not to commit and somehow started photography. I still do modeling here and there mostly as self expression.

Please talk us through a typical day in your life!

Currently I wake up quite late - around 11 am. It was originally from jet lag but now I've gotten used to this late waking up and sleeping lifestyle. Hope that will change soon as I am normally an early bird haha!  Right now I'm focusing more on vlogs, pictures from my latest trips, figuring out my first exhibition (which I'm so excited about!) and working out.  

What’s your favourite town and why?

I went to Kashmir in India and that was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I was staying on a houseboat for a few days which Mick Jagger stayed on years ago. The houseboat is on the most stunning lake--the sky transitioned into water. Sunrise and sunset were this perfect purple hue that made me feel like I was on another universe. I could stare at the sky/water forever.  

When did you start writing for c-heads?

I started around a year ago. They actually interviewed me as a photographer around 6 years ago so since then I've been shooting for them but only in the last year or so ago I became an editor.  I enjoy doing interviews/features and thought-provoking writing for them.

What does love mean to you?

Haha I always ask this in my C-Heads interviews and haven't thought about it much myself yet!  It took me a while to finally find someone I truly love.  Love means being yourself, trusting the other person even though they are million miles away, sharing knowledge, supporting each other, and being thankful everyday that the person is by your side.

Please tell us about the craziest photo shoot you’ve had so far!

It would probably be my shoot and interview with hip-hop/r&b QUEEN Jojo. Jojo was pretty much my childhood idol so getting the opportunity to shoot her was crazy for me. I was still in college in Boston and they wanted me to do it on a weekday in NYC.  I immediately bought 5 hour each way bus tickets to NYC to shoot/interview her in time for class the next day. I can't imagine doing that for another artist! (Although maybe Missy Elliot :D )

Which one is your most important future goal?

I really want to gain more knowledge about the world. I wasn't really interested in history in primary/high school and I have a lot to learn. I'm trying to catch up by reading and watching documentaries. History really connects the world together, it gives a lot of explanation to why things are till this day and I find it fascinating.

What would your advice be for all the upcoming photographers out there?

Find some inspirations, muses, and artists you look up to. Understand how Photoshop works--it's important for all photographers these days. Learn how to use curves and skin retouching. Try submitting your work to online magazines like C-Heads, Sticks and Stones, Yume, etc. It will give you initial exposure!

Photographer: Alex Castro More @myelectricheart
Model: Lauren Engel @engelauren