Lemon Skies

I always hated lemons. I never liked their sour taste and the acid which would make ever tiny muscle in my face look weird. Though I always had to drink lemon juice when I was sick and it made me feel better. A glass of lemon water in the morning would also make me feel much fitter during the day. It has always been one of these kinda things my brain disliked, but my body was longing for.

I love blue skies. I always have. They remind me of pure endlessness and the gift of freedom. Lying under this massive bright coloured sky reminds me of all the positivity we experience in life. But then there comes clouds, rain and mist and suddenly all this liberty is gone for a while. People become sad and moody, while always talking about this one question: When will it be sunny again? But the weather is like our feelings. It changes, it does what it wants...

There are always two sides in life. Choose whatever you want, but don't let bad weather or sour lemon juice destroy this world's magnificence.

model: antonia smc
photos: marcus nitschke
location: parkdeck in cologne
shot on kodak-film