Lauren Hurlbut 📸 by Brian Cohen

We had a chat with LA-based model Lauren Hurlbut, shot by Brian Cohen at beautiful Salton Sea, CA. Check out her life & style below!

What got you into modelling?

I was discovered at a Buffalo Wild Wings in my hometown! Before that, I haven't ever thought about doing it!

What does being femininity mean to you?

To me, it means embracing yourself and all the qualities we have as women.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Netflix binge watching for sure.

Favorite pre and post shoot meals?

Hard to choose! Either Lo Mein or the classic burger and fries.

Favorite designer?

Yves Saint Laurent

One item of clothing do you wear way too often?

Black knee high boots and a black leather jacket!

What is the best part of modelling?

Just being able to create something that other people enjoy! And being able to reach a large audience and use it for good.

What are your goals for the future?

One of my goals is to travel to as many different places as possible! I also want to graduate and become a criminal psychologist later in life.

What does love mean to you?

Always wanting the best for someone and helping them reach their full potential and happiness.

Favorite scent?

Anything sweet!

Photographer: Brian Cohen @bmattlife

Model: Lauren Elizabeth Hurbut @lolotheblondie