Khrystyana Talks Inclusivity, Empowerment, and More


Khrystyana is a breath of fresh air, a bodyLove activist, model, founder of theREALcatwalk, and Americas Next Top Model Cycle 24 contestant. This is an example of a woman who is working to make a real difference and impact in the world while being unapologetically authentic. Continue reading below to learn more about her views on inclusivity, empowerment, and more.

What is a message you want to share with our readers?

That every person is lovable, worthy, and equipped for self love. That every single person matters sooo much even though they might not always know/feel/agree with it. That there is incredible beauty within us all. I’m sure everyone knows that deep in their hearts- I am only here to remind people of those things.

How can women best support and empower each-other?

First of all, women need to see each other as equals, as power houses. We are not competing, we are not comparing each other - we are acknowledging each other, embracing each others differences and respecting each other. Seeing that we share experience can create more progress. We must support each other; feminism is intersectional. I strongly believe that we MUST spend time LEARNING about different kinds of women, their history, their ways, in order to be able to be better communicators.

Do you think the industry is changing to be more inclusive? How can we continue to push it forward?

Some people say it does change - others strongly disagree. People who don’t spend much time online and who shop high fashion might say “not so much”; others, who are more involved in diversity might say “yes”. I think we are merely scratching the surface; some major brands push for change and I appreciate every brand who does embrace actual diversity. Diversity is not a trend, diversity is the reality we live in. Fashion needs to mirror reality in an artistic fun way. We can only push it forward by speaking up and creating inspiring projects. Speaking up doesn't have to be mean or aggressive, it can be a simple kind conversation or educating people who are used to the old ways. Open hearts and kindness are the keys to change in the industry.

What is a moment were you felt truly empowered?

Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that - My days can be up and down. Empowered, then suddenly discouraged, and boom - empowered again. I just create and speak my truth. I’m really not fighting for change, I’m showing change the best way I know how and people can take whatever they want from it. It’s just the way I do things; I don’t know if i’m really empowered, I’m just more outspoken and unafraid lately.

What does body positivity mean to you?
Body positivity is a movement - It’s a growing and massive topic. It started with a strong mission of acknowledgment, and grew with anti body-bullying message. Inclusivity grew into something so much more and found corners seemingly unspoken of. It reached the shy ones and lonely ones. It’s really a community where we teach each other to feel love for our bodies, our faces, our health and each-other.

Model: KhrystyAna @khrystyana

Photography: Peoneemoull Pech @peoneemoullpech

Makeup: Ernest Robinson III @erob3me

Hair: Seiji Uehara @seijiuehara

Styling: The Stylish Duo @thestylish.duo - Devin Lewis @itsdevinjl - Dominique Lewis @iam_dlew

Art Direction: Mickey Freeman @mickeyboooom