Kissing a Stranger

Is that even possible? Well, most of you probably are thinking of a night out full of booze and weird moments right now. But what if kissing a stranger could really happen in a normal life situation - when you are actually sober?

Last year when I was on my way to Starbucks on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, talking to my mom on the phone and not thinking about anything crazy, the incredible happened. A total stranger suddenly touched my arm and said hi with a vast smile on his face. Usually I always say I’m in a hurry when this is happening. But that day I just didn’t feel like saying it.

He was handsome, got a cool biker, vintage style and impressed me with his positivity. We did some smalltalk for about 3 minutes and then suddenly he just asked me if I’d like to do something crazy. He said:

‘Wouldn’t it be crazy if we two strangers just kissed? Right here in front of all these people?’

I didn’t really knew what do say, but then we kissed. And it was a lovely kiss. Not a kiss of true love, but a kiss that revealed passion, all of youth’s craziness and sheer freedom. We laughed, said good bye and never saw each other again.

After it had happened, thousands of thoughts were spinning around in my head. But I was smiling. I felt happy and knew exactly that this was supposed to be the highlight of my day! It taught me that sometimes we just have to escape from daily routine. Sometimes you have to do crazy things to feel alive again, to walk through this world with your eyes and heart wide open. Let your inner kid run free and cross the borders of society’s expectations.

SS/2016 'FAKE CLUB' Collection

Photography by Roos van Rij

Model Larissa