The keepsakes that Summer give you are the reason it is, and always will
be, my favorite season. How every time the sun goes down you are left with
memories of the day. Tan lines and freckles that remind you of how you kissed the sun
earlier. Tangled up salty hair. Fragments of sand that follow you from the beach to your
car, leaving a trail, a reminder of the fun that you had and the mess that you made.
Summer gives you souvenirs.
The three of us were an inseparable trio. Bonded by sun, salt, and sand - We always
had the most fun in summer. This break was exceptionally special as it was the longest
that we had gone without seeing each other since we first met all of those years ago.
College had taken us to different cities and we could no longer meet at our spot of an
afternoon. I had heard people talk around campus about their plans for the break,
most of them were planning vacations away. The three of us could not wait to meet
back where it all began.
When we were children we would write our initials in the sand and form a love heart
around it with rocks and shells that washed up on the shore. We would sit and watch
the sun go down and the tide washing away our names and know that our pact would be
permanent. We were best friends. We still are. I think the time apart made this summer
even more special.
When I arrived back at my college and unpacked my luggage after this summer break,
sand still fell from my clothes. I laughed to myself, it was like we had always said.
Summer gives your souvenirs. Right now I am at my desk and the leaves are turning a
goldfish brown which tells me that Fall is approaching, my skin holds onto the tan lines
as hard as I hold onto the memories. We all took shells home this time. Some people
say that if you hold a shell close to your ear you can still hear the ocean. I hear the
ocean, but the echoes of our laughter will overpower the waves.
I cannot wait for the break.


Until then,

Summer x


X    X    X


Photographer: David Collier 

Polaroid Originals: @polaroidoriginals

Story written by: Danni Lee Jackson @dannijack


Amelia Plummer @ameliamarni

Athene Rhodes @athenerhodes

Josh Williams @funk_buster_