Just Kidding: End of Babes ♡

Just Kidding: End of Babes

End of Babes is a new apocalyptic short film by Los Angeles-based director Jimmy Marble will melt your heart! Actress Gillian Zinser and singer-songwriter Theophilus Martins find themselves in a little romance - what initially seemed to be one of those random one-night-stands. They get to know each other, take drugs and let time pass by. The film showcases a fast-paced love that is just about to end, when suddenly…Well, when the world ends, what would you do?

“We’re living in apocalyptic times. From Trump to the weather, all of our conversations seem to end with the world ending. I’d hate for it all to end, but that’s what this film is about—how it all seems to be ending and how we should all just be kissing.” - Jimmy Marble

Our generations X & Z are on the hunt for finding themselves every day. We lose ourselves in little romances, trying to figure out if there really exists this one person who we wanna end up staying with forever. But forever seems like a long time. And moreover, we are pretty picky, don’t you think? We date, we meet up, we have one-night-stands, we split up, we meet up again. We dream ourselves away into a world with an imaginary perfect match, just to wake up and see that reality isn’t perfect at all.

But sometimes, we might have to remind ourselves that the world could end tomorrow. And then? What would you do, if suddenly the end was near?