In Love I Bloomed and Died ❤


The first time my heart skipped a beat was because of love.

Because of love…
I opened my eyes for the first time.
Learned how to walk on my own feet.
Wrote my first love letter.
Had my first kiss.
Got the feeling of having nervous butterflies in my stomach.

Because of love…
I wandered to places far away from home.
Made a person become my home.
Felt a deep pain in my chest when loosing my precious home.
Shut my eyes when it all became too much.

Because of love…
I found a new home deep within me.
Created a safe world to call my own.
Learned to trust no matter what.
Felt reborn once I opened my eyes.

Photographer: David Wachmann @davidwachmann
Model: Anna Bianca Gerlach @annabiancarose