I'm Down For You


You’re the sweetest sin,
intoxicating as I drink you in.
You’re a wild sensation.
When I have you
there’s no question of outside temptation.
When your lips are on mine
it might be all I need.
But what I want is to know you
and what your soul really bleeds.

One night was all it took
for our two worlds to collide
and so it goes we were lost in the beat,
closed away from the city lights
where for a cold, dark moment
we were lost in time.
Then you pulled me to my feet
as we got back on our boards,
you inspire me as we skate through the street,
towards a future that nobody knows.
But it’s not all rhythm and sound
in this state of mind as I recognize
that fire that burns deep inside.

Taking aim with your eyes you’ll shoot me a look
and I’ll tell you that your games lost.
Though in actuality you didn't miss,
it was always you who had me hooked.

Model: @kailyemmasmith
Photographer: @alecbakerfilms
Clothing: @nanajudy