I Will Do It Tomorrow.

I will do it tomorrow. I will raise myself up and do everything I wanted to do yesterday. And the day before yesterday. I know, I can, if I really want to. I know I will do the things tomorrow. The things that seem to be undoable today. Sometimes you just gotta take a break, or not? Am I lazy? Maybe. Am I getting somewhere? I do, just very, very slowly. Am I making myself feel bad about it? Sometimes. But there are so many enemies. There is the TV, there is Instagram, there are my friends… They obviously don’t want me to do the things I have on my list. And I don’t even have a list yet. The cold beer is telling me to just lay back. My cigarette is telling me to just not think about anything right now. So I guess I will just sit here, keep on thinking about the things that I will definitely do tomorrow...

Photographer: Geoffrey Yahya Vargas@geoffreyyahyavargas

Model: Francesca Vilogrón