How to Play The Game of Love

So how do we play this game without constantly getting heartbroken? Is love even a game? Saying this sounds quiet rude, but if you’re a full-time single babe like me, it might be a justified expression. I mean, isn’t it like that… Whenever you’re single, you are either searching for yourself, for love or for sad romantic movies. I’ve been through all of these stages and believe me - watching Sex & the City with tonnes of cigarettes, tissues and chocolate doesn’t really count as a self-finding trip to your inner needs.

Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t be in love. I’ve fallen for guys multiple times, got heartbroken multiple times, but also I broke some wild hearts out there. However, that’s the only way to stay in the game. I can really say - I found myself. Wherever I am currently based on this planet, I never feel alone or have the impression that something is missing in my life. This is probably the basis for finding deep and true love that won’t just last for a few months.

As I still travel a lot, it’s kinda hard finding someone who believes in the same ideas and visions than I do. After having discovered what you really want and need, the process of finding love shouldn’t be bound to any schedules in your life or a specific time or place. Some would say I need to find my dream man within two years or until I turn 30 or whatever…. but we all go with the flow today.

Whatever this world gives to me, I would always make the best out of it. So I refuse to think that a broken heart should stay alone and shouldn’t get itself out there anymore. I believe that a wild heart will always be on the road to find love, making stops at beautiful places while meeting unforgettable and inspiring people. Just stay in the game and you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for - and maybe a little bit more than that.