How to Deal With Divas

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In my few months of modeling I've encountered several divas. They're easy to spot: usually huddled in a corner by the nearest phone charger or being groomed by their chaperone mother. Divas aren’t just backstage, they’re everywhere. You may not be able to get rid of their crude character, but you can make it more bearable.

Tip #1: The Jealousy Factor

Just like mean girls at school, these diva's are most likely just envious. It's easy to get jealous of models- they do tend to be gorgeous.

Take it as a compliment. Usually if someone's jealous of you it means that they think you're beautiful, and they wish they were you. When I get jealous of someone, I tend to think of them in the worst possible way. To me they are snarky, dumb, and outright annoying. In reality, however, I'm usually wrong. So prove them wrong.

Be the nicest person possible. Compliment them on their outfit, or talk about how nervous you are for the runway show, or a shoot. In school, talk about being nervous for a test or essay. (They'll see you're a real person with feelings!)

Tip #2: Surround yourself

When taking the high-road doesn't work, surround yourself with nicer girls. Form your own squad of girls who don't ruin your experiences. (Channel your inner Taylor Swift in her “Bad Blood” music video).

Divas are tough- especially in the modeling industry. They won't back down without a fight. So for me, forming a group of friends at castings and shows make the bullies go away.

As much as you may want to stand up to them and become famous for standing up for yourself, don't. Or at least don't make a big scene.

The obnoxious girls who pull at eachother's hair tend to not get hired for jobs unless you want your modeling career to end I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

Some of these girls are just rude. I don't know if they're tight bodycon skirts cut off blood-flow to their brain, but they cannot be controlled. It can take a simple compliment to breakdown that barrier of jealousy. It can also only fuel their rage more.

Divas don't just exist in the modeling industry though. They're everywhere. Surround yourself with people who don't give you daggers when you make an awesome joke.