How to Cope with Fake Friends & Haters

We all experience these situations in our lives where people we might have thought were totally nice or even close friends, turn out to be the opposite. But, to give you a more positive feeling about them: We definitely need those guys. We need them to grow, to stay strong, to fight for our opinion and sometimes even to reflect our actions. Today there is a lot of competion, hatred, envy and jealousy. To be honest, each and everyone of us sometimes has these feelings which is absolutely human and therefore in some way justified.

Nevertheless, in some businesses or peer groups, this phenonemon is a daily business. As I work in fashion business, I know exactly what I am talking about. Especially girls will always be girls and they love to talk! If we keep this in mind every day and don't let others ruin our day or decrease our self-esteem, we may be able to rule the world, or at least our very own in which we are king or queen. Everyone is unique and should be, no matter what other people's opinios are.

Stay true. Stay you!