How to Be Alone by Donari Braxton

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A minute ago we are surrounded by people and then suddenly we find ourselves all alone. Some people, mostly the type of persons who are more introverted, feel very comfortable with being alone, but I know lots of friends who can't really cope with it. Just recently I experienced a situation which fits to this theme pretty well. I have been living on my own since I was 18 and never have had a problem with it. I have always had my space and did whatever I wanted to do. Running around in undies, talking to myself, getting drunk, leaving the door open, when I was sitting on the toilet (we don't want to deepen this). When I lived in LA and in Brighton I suddenly had at least one roommate, which was absolutely fine and I didn't really feel in need of getting used to it. Though now as I am living in my own appartment again, it feels absolutely weird and lonely as hell.

So I discovered this fantastic project, set up by Donari Braxton, which is supposed to help people who do not know how to be alone. Although the main message reveals a playful irony, this collection of instructional pictures and videos generates a lot of inspiration. For me personally, being lonely means that I am in my highest state of creativity. Sometimes, being alone is quiet necessary to review something, to work on yourself, get things done and spend time with one of the most imporant persons in the world: Yourself.

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Personal feelings indicating applicability for personal-use of these videos may include:
- general discomfit/malaise
- attenuated attention span / "browser finger"
- fear of dark / etc.
- repost repost repost
- desire to be more handy around the house
- online chess  
- lack of purpose in executing remedial tasks (completion of charts, etc) 
- lack of self-confidence in executing rudimentary tasks (walking up the stairs, etc.)  
- insincere text-messaging  
- is currently trending
- cartoon deity angst  
- number symbol
- persistent fear of public forums  
- for iron
- just tagged
- delusions of grandeur (encyclopedic compendiums) 
- tunnel vision / opposite
- delete delete delete  
- general longing :(