How Boredom Can Inspire...

Do you remember the last time you were really bored? Trying to kill time by scrolling through your Facebook because you were waiting for a friend to reply. Really boring. As bored as you could get as a kid. You were just sitting around, with nothing to do.

We always have the time, due dates and to-do lists on our minds. We see time as something we need to use or fill, and we feel bad whenever we think we're wasting time.

But I think that being bored is a key to creativity. When we have nothing to do, when we’re at our highest level of boredom, we get forced to push our creative boundaries and solve problems we're working on.

In such a fast-paced world, where we need to be the most efficient at any time, we need to stop once in a while, to find ourselves and to use boredom for being more innovative.

Photography/Art Direction: Bruno Queiroz @brqrz

Model/Beauty/Styling: Luísa Reiff @luisareiff