Official Premier of Holander's New Video "SMOKE" 🖤

Official music video for "Smoke" by Holander , out now. Holander: Website: Soundcloud: Spotify: iTunes: Stream the song: Soundcloud: Director/Producer: Will DaRosa Copyright © 2018 Carly Harpur Hollander

Holander’s new video for “SMOKE” is a dramatic visual delight melting into a fever dream. With vibrant colors, a slow forming darkly dramatic story line, and 90’s edge it is a video that holds your attention the whole way through. The song itself is honest and relatable showing just how intense love and intimacy can truly be.

Holander - who is a general bad ass, singer, and female DJ is an amazing artist and soul that you should for sure keep your eyes and ears on. Below Holander shares why the song and video are so special to her, the hidden message within, and her experience filming the video.

Why is this song/video so special to you?

“The idea was to have a visual representation how love can quite literally knock you off of your feet, almost like a car crash. The almost violent immediacy of the emotions just makes me think 'high-impact.' I met with the director, Will, we met up several times in coffee shops where we were bouncing ideas off of each other and watching watched music videos we loved. He brought a really rad 90’s MTV nostalgia vibe that we cultivated into a stylized millennial narrative. 

What does the video expose about the song fans wouldn't necessarily put together?

The darker twist on the song; the true intensity of the emotion. The song definitely has an edge to it, but the video is meant to show the overwhelming nature of this feeling of being intoxicated by someone; its beauty but also how it can almost feel like a cinematic thriller movie thrust upon your life. I loved making the actual visual of smoke come to life and the smoke being blown into my mouth, the latter was a real experience that inspired the song itself.

What was your experience like filming the video?
I cried the next day, from happiness. I felt like i was making the kind of art that I wanted to make. I was so flooded with gratitude for it. It's such a beautiful piece of art to me. I come from an acting background so I always love the various formats I get to act my music out. The opportunity to collaborate with other creatives and expand my song into a visual testament of that collaboration and connection is something I really appreciate about the industry.

Holander: @Holandermusic

Femme Photo: Mallory Turner @mallorymturner
Director/Cinematographer: Will DaRosa

Steadicam Operator: Koji Kojima, Gaffer: Zachary Bartlett, Key Grip: Conor Soules,Assistant Camera: Travis Lynch, Colorist: Taylor Mahon, Actor: James Jovanovich Make Up: Olya Tizer