I Know...

Weslee Kate Baltisoul

We met at a party. It wasn't even a good one. It was one of those parties where they ran out of ice half way through the night. I leaned up against the cold wall, drinking warm whiskey. Kinda risky, I know. I never came to events like this but for some reason that day the walls of my bedroom felt a little too tight and I figured the murmur of a crowd would sooth me into something numb; something that was alright.

I saw him over the rim of my glass - he radiated something brash with blue eyes, so bright that when he turned and met mine... Oblivion. I could have gotten lost in those eyes. Maybe I did lose myself for a moment, dangerous I know. He held my stare as he brushed past the swaying hips around him. Moving toward me like a predator in slow motion. The world faded to background noise some kind of static in my mental radio, stereotypical I know. A spark ran across my skin. It was electric in nature, like a warning sign at the edge of a cliff that I was already falling from.

He found his mark right in front of my shiny black patent leather heels. He was hypnotizing in an odd kind of way.... In a single smooth motion, he tipped two small ice cubes out of his empty glass and into my liquid fire. They disappeared under the surface with a sigh of sorts. I burned and yet he was a cool breeze in my atmosphere. We fed into each other like a silent storm, brewing. He walked away as I stumbled on an all of a sudden shaky heel.

Not a word was said and yet I had a feeling our story had just found its beginning... Catastrophe, I now know.

Photographer: Justin Mooney @justinmooneyphoto

Model: Weslee Kate @weslee_kate

Underwear: Bootay bag @bootaybag_

Creative Direction: Weslee Kate Creative @wesleekatecreative