High School Lovers

I’ve always been dreaming about running away with my high school love.

He arrived with his old car in front of my house and honked. I ran down the drive way, threw my bag in the backseat and sat down next to him. Gave him a kiss, laughing. He turned on the radio and we drove away. I watched the outskirts of my city drifting by, grey walls became green meadows. I opened the window to stick out my arm.

Laughing, throwing back my head, watching my boy. He was smiling, singing along to his favorite song.  We drove until the sun started going down. Then I saw it.

This white border between the sky and the sea. He parked the car, I jumped out, barefoot. He took my hand, I started running, dragged him behind me. The sand felt cold under my feet, the air smelled fresh and salty, I could taste the seaweed. I stopped in front of the water, he attract me close to him.

I pressed my head against his shoulder, my face felt safe from the wind, but I could hear the sound of the waves, the screeching of the seagulls. Water touched my feet, I could feel the sand being dragged away under it. We watched the sun going down and went back to the car. He brought blankets, we sat on the bonnet and talked the whole night long, while watching the stars.

When the sky turned red I was already sleeping in his arms.

Photographer: John Thatcher
Model: Anna Skuba