High Rack Honeys 💛


I don’t usually like people giving me advice. Do you really believe someone else could possibly know what’s best for you and YOUR life? Nope. So, yeah. I hate that. I just kinda don’t when it’s coming from my girls. ‘Cause nobody knows the stuff about me that they know. They are basically living my life with me. Without them, my life wouldn’t be the crazy party that it is. And that’s right: On crazy parties, there’s a lot of shit suppose to be happening. But the one thing we humans should have learned so far is that shit just happens all the time.

You could totally stay in your lane 24 f*ckin’ 7, focusing on being the best at everything you do, only to show them you're following every possible rule and standard there is so they totally accept and admire you for being like the boring rest of them.

Or… you could rethink your idea of the sense of your life and finally start with being nothing else than just yourself in your happiest state. Problems come and go. They linger around every corner. That’s life and this one thing is so damn right: I still got those 99 problems. But believe me, my girls ain't one. And neither is my happy rebel soul.

 Another collab with our babes from girlsinrealife @girls.inrealife

Photographer: David Collier @davidcollier
HMU: Lauren Sina @lauren_sina
Models: Athene Rhodes @athenerhodes / Bianca Bucceri @biancabuccerii/
Isabella Bucceri @isabellabucceri
Assistants: Natalie Robinson @natski74 / Stephanie Hayball
Brand: High Rack Honey @highrack_