Tess for Hey Girl

Just last year my dear friend and photographer Simon Clemenger started his own magazine Hey Girl, featuring the life and style of today's creative girls. After he had worked with photography legend Rankin for years, Simon finally decided to establish his own magazine. So he moved down from London to Brighton, became independent and initiated a product he can be proud of.

"The mag should be accessible and not about preaching that we are cool and you aren’t. It should state that everyone is cool in it’s own way and by opening up we can showcasing anyone who is creative."

Inspired by the 70's and Americana, Simon's pictures reveal a strong positivity, movement and total freedom in creativity. Featuring upcoming female artists in music, film and model business, Hey Girl reveals a fun and happy spirit.

Check out one of the editorials from Hey Girl's debut, the Natural issue, featuring British model Tess Dimos below.

Hey Girl Magazine
Photographer: Simon Clemenger
Model: Tess Dimos