The Way She Loves


I follow her without a second thought.

The way her hair ruffles in the wind,
like sunlight peeking out the play on her shoulder blades.

The way she walks through this world,
like she owns the air; like she deserves it all.

The way she looks back to make sure my soul isn’t too far from hers,
to make sure I am still listening to her words as they slip out of her chapped lips.

The way she sips her coffee like it's the-most-perfect thing in the world,
even though it’s long gone cold.

The way her positive vibes are trailing behind her like a warm breeze,
turning every day into something magical, something to appreciate.

My woman, she is my queen and she knows it.
Every - Single - Day.

xx Valentine

Model: Ariana Whibley @aribarbara
Photographer: Weslee Kate Heilemann @wesleekatecreative