Happy Days!

When I woke up this morning I saw your missed call. I went outside on my favourite bench. The sun was burning hot... I called you back, even before taking the obligatory shower, making my boring coffee, while checking my annoying Instagram page. Hearing your voice calmed me down and took away the anxiety that I had been feeling since I opened my eyes.

You were telling me stories about our friends and that you’re stuck with re-decorating the flat. I heard your cat purring and realized how much I actually miss your place, your smell and the blue wall in your kitchen - just sitting next to you on the brown, pretty wracked couch, while talking for hours about everything and nothing had always been like the best therapy…

When you asked me about how my life is going, I just laughed. Then I cried and talked for about 20 minutes. And you were just there, listening. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re always saying the right things to make me feel awesome again. When I was done, you said the words I just needed to hear: ‘I love you. You’re my sister. You’re my everything. You’re amazing and you’ll gonna do it all and more!’

I wiped away my tears, and started laughing. After we hung up, I was still smiling. I turned on the music, lit a cigarette and I shouted: ‘Happy days!’

Model: Jessica Watts
Photographer: Valentin Zhmodikov