Being Free

by Bianca Gerlach

Being free is a pretty random thing for us today. Living in Europe means that there are almost no borders. You can travel, work and just go whereever you want to go. I am a person that really needs this kind of freedom. When I say I want to do something, there is no way of holding me back from it. Last week I experienced the opposite. I wanted to fly to LA to finally enjoy my free time over there, meet my friends and do some epic photoshootings! Unfortunately the border control has obviously become more strict than it has ever been before. I am not in the position to tell you how inhuman I was treated, because I still love America and I won't give up on anything over there. But this world is not always how it seems to be and I learned that the imagination of a real constitutional democracy is obviously an illusion. But I actually don't care and I will find my way, especially right now as I'm planning to go to London or Brighton next week. I will still follow my dreams, I won't let them drag me down and I will still use modeling as my creative mirrow.

Wearing Urban Outfitters

Photographed by Sebaz Pictures