Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ♡

Do you remember the first time we met? It was a hot Californian summer day. I was standing at the bar when you suddenly came over. You asked me to pass you the menu, telling me that your girls were at another party. My mates were nowhere to find anyway. We were just two lost and free spirits, making our way through the crowd…

We had a drink or maybe two before we partied all day long, enjoying one of the best days in our lives! We jumped into the pool and I hooked you up with Tom. After you left the hotel room we ate bubble gum ice cream and giggled around non-stop.

We went to the beach and you were there when I got my first tattoo that day. You hold my hand and tried not to make me laugh… We were strangers and then we became friends. We will never be strangers again. The moment we met I knew you would always gonna be my favourite girl. ♡

Photographer: Mikel Roberts @mikelrob