Garden Girls - Part 2

How to make a "Garden Girl"


1/10th Compassion

1/10th Understanding

1/10th Unconditional Love

1/10 Empathy

1/10 Kindness

1/10 Humour

1/10 Strength

1/10 Confidence

1/10 Knowledge

1/10 Patience

Not to forget: A pinch of boss ass bitch flavour.

Compress this mixture into a seed shape, plant in the spring and wait for your garden girl to make her way into the sun. Treat her kindly she does not know the ways of the harsh hearted, she only knows love. 

Model 1: Dagny Paige

Model 2 & Creative Director: Weslee Kate

Photographer: Katie Rixon Parker

HMUA: Amanda Bourne

Stylist: Haley Hancock