Garden Girls Part I

Who is a garden girl, they ask. A garden girl waits under the earth, as she builds herself up. She creates her own confidence and wraps herself up into the best she can be, blind to self-hate or jealousy.

A garden girl grows from the rain and teaches herself to bloom where she is planted. Never does it cross a garden girls mind to worry about what the other flowers are doing or if they are gazed upon more than she is. She just focuses on her own life and on her impossibly large dreams.

A garden girl knows in her heart that every flower is stunning. That a rose can never be compared to a lily because the differences are too vast. Her soul lets her know that every flower is magic in their own right. She has learned to always lean toward the light, letting herself see the positive in every situation.

I wish we could all be garden girls, taking our time to learn and grow, to build each other up, while always seeing the bright side. But sometimes that's hard. Sometimes, the rain is ice and the petals of our hearts  start to hurt. That's when we need to sink back into ourselves and hide under the dirt, regroup, rebuild, and rise again.  

We can all be garden girls. All we have to do is take the time to try. 

Photographer: @ktparkerphoto

Model 1: @weslee_kate

Model 2: @dagnypaige

HMUA: @amandabournemua

Stylist: @_labyrinth_

Creative Direction: @weslee_kate

Special thanks to Micheltorena Elementary school and community garden in Silverlake CA for letting us use your magical space.