Sandy planes baby and nothing quite more,
     We took a break to watch the sunset soak on through the golden seashore.
Your peace of mind was withering yet you stepped up when you could have stepped aside.
     Your strength and tenacity admirable that shines on through like tomorrows sunrise.
Let’s take a spin on the wheel of fortune,
     The gamble of the game is such the gamble of life,
The sooner you realize we’ve held the power in our hands,
     The sooner you realize you’re more likely to win.
Money comes and goes its a thing of the times,
     It’s not worth the stress or the space in my mind,
I’d rather spend my days carefree and alive,
     I’d rather be present and assure you of my time.


Photographer: Ella Collis @the35mm_  

Model: Marley Berntsen @marleyberntsen.