He Loves Me ❤️

He loves me, when I am fresh out of the ocean with salt soaked tangled hair twisted around my shoulders. He loves me, with sunburned cheeks and lips so chapped that they crack when I can't help but laugh at one of his dumb jokes.

He loves me, on the drive home with my feet propped up spilling a mini beach onto his car's dashboard. He loves me, even as I stuff my face with a burger bigger than my head with absolutely zero shame.

He knows better than to forget to feed me - according to him, I can sometimes turn into a cute but also terrifying little creature in hunt of nutrients. He sips his soda with a half-mast smile, his eyes gain a gentle glitter and I know he loves me still. 

I love him, from his sunburned nose to his shoeless toes. I love him even when he blasts that one song I can't stand, but that makes his half mast smile spill over his whole face until it's saturated in joy. I love something deep in his soul that makes me want to be a better person by his side while watching us grow together. I love the way our fingers intertwine on the ride home as the sun sets and the air grows cold. 

He loves me still when he wakes up my sleepy soul with kisses, raining upon my forehead and in my hairline, bleached by the sun's loving and unforgiving rays. He loves me over pizza curled up on the couch at the end of a magical day...

And I love him, infinitely with every breath I take. All I hope for is to grow old gracefully and to have more of these ocean days, in the sun, together, endlessly in love with each other.

Photographer: Ernesto Sernas @_ernesto_pesto
Model: Cole Sturges-Andersen @coleelena Wearing: Cali Dreaming Swimwear
Location: Vasquez Rocks Park in Santa Clarita, CA