Freddie Ransome 💕 On Production and Stress + Full Editorial


Freddie is one of the adored video producers/personalities on Buzzfeed’s Lady Like - a channel which covers all things lady and like so much more. They challenge the normal thoughts of what it means to be lady like with videos ranging from period products, makeup, sexuality, career, fashion, and mental health. Freddie herself is a seriously bad ass babe who’s go with the flow attitude made working with her a breeze. We wanted to bring Freddie’s inner spice girl barbie to life during our shoot in down town Los Angeles with Katy Parker Rixon. The full interview + images are waiting for you below.

Introduce yourself,

My name is Freddie, I’m a video producer/On-screen for Buzzfeed Ladylike

What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment has more of an external effect than an internal one and it’s more of a domino effect in my eyes. I feel empowered by someone, and then I empower others, and those people empower other people. It’s having enough confidence to dabble and eventually fulfill your purpose.

Biggest lesson you have learned in your career to date?

My career is an ever-evolving one. When I started Buzzfeed, I had no idea that I would have a hand in helping to create and cultivate one of it’s biggest brands (Ladylike). I just took a directive and ran with it with the help of my colleagues. I had no idea I would become a developed producer and personality who would later get the opportunity to individually work and cultivate my own relationships with brands. What I’ve learned: Don’t freeze up and and stay stagnant out of fear. Step into moments, even if you’re afraid and you’ll gain momentum to continue leveling up.

Do you think women in entertainment hold social responsibility?

I definitely think as women in entertainment we hold a certain social responsibility- especially in this political climate. To be honest, it can feel exhausting to have to speak on all current events (injustices) pertaining to women and people of color (especially black folks) because it feels like everyday we’re being bombarded with news stories in which women, and black folks as a whole are being devalued and faced with one injustice or another. It’s exhausting and upsetting. I try to speak on it on Twitter and Instagram from time to time (and I say from time to time because if I speak on every single thing, I’ll feel like I’m drowning)--when I have to energy to fight trolls, because as we know, trolls get a kick out of being bigots.

I try to think more about who I’m speaking to and who I’m standing in solidarity with when I’m vocal about current events and less about the trolls- but it’s hard, and they are vicious. Even something as simple as wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt on my Instagram caused a mini uproar in my comments. But I won’t stop. I just clap back :)

Hardest and most rewarding part of a stressful production?

I think the hardest part of a stressful production is coming up with a fresh and unique way of presenting information. The internet has become saturated with a lot of the same kind of digital content, that it can be hard to make my content stand out in a fresh, and high impact way.

The most rewarding part is getting the positive feedback from our audience. People telling us that watching one of our videos made a shitty day a little less shitty, or gave them the confidence they needed to try something new really makes all the hard work worth it.

How do you find new ideas and stay creative?

I use the internet to see what people are buzzing about, or the complete opposite- I lean into what people aren’t talking about and shed light on it in a unique way. A lot of times for me, my creativity comes when I think to myself “what’s a new way to present this information or concept that hasn’t been done before” even if the concept is similar to what’s already out there.

You do a lot of videos based around style, beauty, and icons. What do those things mean to you personally?

Style and beauty are how I experiment and express myself. I would describe my style as funky casual. I love sneakers, jumpsuits, mom jeans, monochromatic looks, etc.  I love putting together looks I feel good and confident in because that confidence bleeds into my work and careers also.

How do you handle anxiety and stress when you feel out of your depth?

I talk it out. A lot of times we internalize anxieties when in actualities, there are people who can help you with whatever you’re feeling anxious about. I’m pretty solution-oriented when it comes to feelings of “I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

Anything else you would like to add or any upcoming projects you would like to mention?

I’m looking forward to doing more travel content! Buckle up 💖

Model: Freddie Ransome @freddie

Photography: Katie Parker Rixon @ktparkerphoto

Creative direction + Styling: Weslee Kate @wesleekatecreative