Forgiving ⚡️

There is a saying, "forgive and forget". I agree with half of that. It is a special strength to be able to forgive someone or even yourself for a false step. However, forgetting is much harder and also comes with a greater risk for yourself and your heart. Don't forget, but simply move forward. Moving forward does not mean moving forward with resentment in your heart or fresh pain in your lungs. It means truly moving forward; only this time with lower expectations and higher boundary walls around your heart. In order to love recklessly and with passion, you have to be okay with fire; and sometimes fire burns. So next time you are forgiving a friend or loved one, just remember: You never turn your back on fire because it has burned you once, but always remember to accept the warmth and safety that it brings with it.

Photographer: Shelby Robinson-websiteinstagram

Fashion/Set/Floral Styling: Kate Leonard-websiteinstagram + Christiana Perry-instagram

Model: Soph Brawner -websiteinstagram 

Hair & Makeup Artist: Alexa Klein-instagram