Floating Away

One of my favorite things to do is to float away. Ridding the currents, and getting lost in my own mind letting my body be recharged by the sun. To reflect in on myself like the light reflects on the waters surface. I love diving deep into my inner pool and pulling out my hidden child. The magic of watching her play, thrive, and discover, in a world that can sometimes start to seem dull. Sinking into a headspace so innocent, that it’s irrelevant that I am not fully clothed. To splash in the new ideas and concepts that have been dripping slowly into a formation of solidified thoughts. These thoughts beat against out-dated ideas that are soon to be dragged under into extiction. Blurred vision brings me back to reality where I am so blessed to be, awake in a world that has all the possibility of the endless sea.

Photographer: Amanda Williams

Model: Weslee Kate Heileman

Stylist: Eric Renteria