Finding Love Without Losing Yourself

Finding love should never come at the cost of losing yourself. Falling in love can be a truly stunning thing, it can open your eyes to new parts of yourself and the world around you. However, finding love and falling deeper into it should never be something that requires sacrificing who you are.

Finding real love is like breathing in fresh air, it is having someone to always give you a hand to hold and support you.

Finding real love is finding someone to sit in the kitchen at 2:00 am and laugh at nothing with. It is finding a friend to sit in the same room with while working on your separate passions, bouncing ideas off each other, and finding new passions together.

Finding love feels like finding a new part of yourself that doesn't know how to judge you, they love you unconditionally. They don't try to take over any part of you, your thoughts, or your ideas.

Your significant other should be a well of support, kindness, and joy. They should be proud of your success and lift you up high into the clouds filled with kisses. They should always be willing to catch you when you fall without making you feel like you have failed but rather that you are simply learning something new on your way to success.

There should be no trauma, drama, or hate. Your human shouldn't be possessive, pushy, or cruel. Fear of them leaving over little things shouldn't even cross your mind or your heart strings.  Don't wait out those red flags run from them and never look back, you cannot change a person.

Finding your soul twin should be a beautiful experience, full of light and love, even if it is a little scary. That being said it should be like finding your matching set. You've not been incomplete without them, you have been and will always be your own - completely. Instead it is finding a person who fits the edges of your soul with theirs, seamlessly completing a loop of electric love that only your soul twin can share with you.

Becoming an extension of another person is a truly beautiful thing, but don't let yourself become obsessive. You and your love should stand like trees, rooted deeply next to each other. Living life and growing from the same light and success. But also like trees, you cannot grow in another's shadow. With roots that are too twisted together, stand tall, proud, hand in hand, but never should one over take another.

Finding love should never come at the cost of losing yourself.

Photographer: Sinorox @sinorox

Model: Justine @justine.elizabeth_