Female Strength

There is this myth that always seems to be circulating, that a women who is strong is not feminine. That muscles are for boys, and men. But the bones of the population where grown by women. A women’s job is never to fit the expectations of femininity but rather to define them herself. Who better to give that word a meaning than a woman who works to be the best version of herself?

A women who knows what her body craves, and how to make it strong enough to change this world with her head held high. It is time to stop stereotypes from steering our paths and our thoughts. Beauty and femininity are driven not by your outer shell, but your inner light and the way you lead your life everyday. Skinny, curvy, muscular, and any of the other beautiful builds that hold your soul have no bearing on this definition, they are simply a label used to make others lives simpler. Femininity is in eyes that hold the secrets of the world. It hides in the curve of a lip that is always questioning, and the tapping of ever-patient toes.

It is something that can never be defined by a shape, haircut, or clothes. It is infinite like the sky, and we all have it. But the beauty of femininity is how subtle it sits inside. It doesn’t show off. It doesn’t know pride. So open your minds and your hearts, not searching for simplistic labels and relish in how complex we as a society can be. It is time to be comfortable in the fact that femininity hides in her, him, you, and me.

Photographer: Alejandro Pereira

Model: Beki Adams

Alejandro Pereira-Beki Adams 6.jpg