I wanted to miss the people and places that I knew would eventually come back to me.

Instead I fell in love with the things that never return.

I wanted to breathe in fresh sea air, thinking of it as the most precious thing on earth.

Instead I felt like I could not breathe at all.

I wanted my heart to ache, eagerly waiting for that magical kiss to take away the pain.

All I discovered was that my saviour never came.

I wanted to suffer badly, but only to then rise and indulge in the feeling of true happiness.

Instead my suffering became my tormentor.

I wanted to have dreams and fight for them until the end.

But instead I learned that in life, there is never just one ending.


Photographer: Ned Jokanovic @nedjokanovic

Model: Anna Bianca Gerlach @annabiancarose

Clothing: Evidence @evidencethelabel