Escape the Truth


She used to fall hard and fast until she burned to the point where she learned to step back and second guess.

Her hearts song was so worn from looking for the right in all the wrong people that her body ached to quit, it was here she feared her emotions to be lost, feeling numb and having trouble expressing her thoughts.
Her brick wall started to crack when you appeared, guiding her hand in hand into the unknown, to a secluded view of the stormy sea tide from the oceans cliff side, although hesitant at first she soon realised this was not something her head could decide for her heart chose to stand back up with her wall falling one more time.
Morning came and you were still there, turning to face you, she saw you for all that you were. The sunlight reflected from her skin, in that moment her intoxicating smile held the key to everything you craved within.

Starting to feel like a temporary muse, you stand beside her and all emotions run wild.
Afraid to take the gamble and feel the burning possibility of heartache, she packs her bag and grabs her passport to block the idea of you from her mind thus hoping to leave the emotions that have gripped her heart behind. If only she knew you wanted to hold her down, maybe she would have stayed, instead you kept quiet, leaving her with no choice other than to board the plane and skip town.

Walking along the sand she had traded it all in for salty hair and a sun-kissed tan, catching herself thinking about you, all thoughts of happiness came to a halt. Her stomach clenched in despair as it became apparent what she had sacrificed. Knowing the feeling was very much still alive, she realised this loss was something of her fault

Trying to repair the damage caused by her mistake, she phones desperately to tell you that there’s something she must confess, "Whatever the risk it’s worth to take, for running around the world careless and free means nothing if you can't be here with me.”

Photographer & Stylist: JESUSCAMETOMYPARTY @jesuscametomyparty

Models: INGRID TABARES @ingridtaro & PATRICIA @bohemian_._soul