Embrace Your Inner Cat

Women are often compared to cats. Sometimes, for their gracile behavior, other times for their sharp claws.

But besides cat-eye eyeliner and scratching boys, there are a lot of reasons, why we should behave like cats (and of course tomcats) more often.

First of all, sleep a lot and take naps. Make sure you get a full night´s sleep, as well as quick naps in a comfy cushion or a warm sunspot, to avoid being exhausted. And after waking up, you could do some easy yoga to stretch your muscles out.

If you don´t sleep, spend time playing. Maybe not with a laser pointer, but do things you love. Spend a lot of time outside and enjoy nature, create art, listen to your favorite music… Be active to keep yourself healthy. It’s all about body and mind.

Cats clean themselves often. You should definitely not start licking yourself in public, but treat your skin and hair with masks, long baths or special treatments, besides your daily cleaning routine. You could also create a signature scent. Instead of cat pheromones, you can pick a perfume you love, or even better: Make a course and create your customized scent. On the days you want to avoid people, simply rub some garlic and foul eggs on your clothes… Just kidding!

Cats are generally cautious with people at first and maybe we should do the same from time to time. Make people earn your trust and friendship, instead of becoming friends with everyone right away. Once you are close with someone, you can show them cat-like physical attention through cuddling and back rubs.

You can also bring your friends little presents to show your affection. Maybe you shouldn´t go as far as laying a dead bird on their doorstep, but everyone likes little presents or gestures. We should cook more often for our friends or buy something tiny which reminds us of them. Even picking up a nice flower or shell from the holiday counts - just show your friends you're thinking of them.

But also be picky with how much time you spend with people. We should learn to walk away from people when we need some time alone. It's your right to have your own personal space, don´t let people bother you if you want to be alone.

As you can see, sometimes we need to be more of an animal in our lives. Don’t you think?

Photographer: Junior Tokumaru
Model: Camila Moral

Make Up: Juliana Iglesias
Stylist: Vanessa Urrunaga